Friday, 18 June 2010

Teaser--Be Teased, Teasee.

Here is a snippet from one of the tales in the book. It elbows convention in the ribs and shouts loudly from deep within the human psyche. This tale about coming of age in a brutal age begins like this:

Bob’s Progress

He was told that the tribe only had one story, but it changed with every generation. The one and only story told of a young man who, when he got to a certain age, had to leave the tribe and join the group of bachelors where he would dwell ‘half-lived’ until the day came when he had to find and negotiate the ‘Path of Least Resistance’. It was just a story to Bob until he was a tree frog’s finger into puberty, when he was made to leave the tribe and go and live with the bachelor group. The story, it turned out, was about him.

Tantalising? You decide. I’ll drape some more morsels in the shop window soon. Be here or be queer—your choice, no pressure, and relax …

I'll put the table cloth on and ratchet up the old stove--biscuits?

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