Monday, 21 June 2010

Mad Ideas 2:

Don’t ask me where this came from; it dropped out of the Idea Tree and glanced off my peach-like, pineapple-like head, nearly making my ear cauliflower-shaped. The story, if it had legs, would be set in a hotel run by terrorists. But these are not your every day terrorists, oh no, they belong to an organisation called Make War Subtle. The movement, a cobbling together of retired warriors and serving artists, advocate peaceful terror. Fighting by means of minor aggravation; water drip, drip, dripping can forge great canyons.

I could not be bothered to think of the filling for the sandwich.

But the end piece of bread is buttered by the fact that the ‘team’ who specialised in appalling service, dog-grade cuisine and manners to sicken the most insensitive of guests had not been informed of British customs and standards. The aggravation was turned on the would-be perpetrators when Shellhampton Council awarded them the Golden Promenade Award for most popular hotel. Insulted beyond repair they opened up a restaurant: ArabAnglo Fusion: the food was great but unappreciated.

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