Saturday, 19 June 2010


My, my, what have we here, another clipette?

This is from a tale about a confused person who escapes a hospital bed but cannot escape the hospital.

The smell of dinner, a Brussels sprout-like odour, was my prearranged signal. Welcome to the ‘in-the-moment zone’: the only mind-place you can make consistent and correct decisions from. Until that moment you know nothing. But I was not surprised by my actions. The faithful staple of all bipeds the ‘amble’ took me under the noses of my persecutors; the ‘trundle’ took me away, until I was safe to make the transition to a slow, ‘western Asian quarter-skip’. Then I was free, on my own, in the vast, life consuming hospital.

Wow, what's going to happen next?--the tension is vile and uppity

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