Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The sole purpose of this blog is to act as a marketing tool for my Amazon Kindle book, Shorts You Will Never Wear—a book of short stories literally belching with originality and bristling with danger: this is a new world, a new age-ish. A ‘marketing tool’ might sound cynical but if I said ‘we are all going to die’ it would not sound quite as cynical by comparison, would it, no, it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t think so anyway—email me if you think otherwise, I could do with a laugh.

I am still hiding the serious ‘under-the-counter’ stories from human eyes. The ones that strike deep at the heart of things we cannot admit to: the Skippy-the-kangaroo-meets-Lolita-in-a-nunnery-full-of-Sumo-wrestling-dwarfs material. That’s for the next generation of short story that is oozing its way down my creative pipeline to the unsuspecting shores of Amazon Kindle.

This is a ‘testing-testing’ post. I am not talking to myself (but, though, of course I am). I have a number of topics that will act as tasters for my stories in the hope someone will purchase my book (US Amazon, $ 2.94—introductory price). One person has already bought one. You could be the second. Though the first was probably the CIA, or FBI, or whoever has been tasked with keeping an eye on me, WI, maybe, Women’s Institute Internet Watch, don’t laugh; be afraid.

Topics I intend to cover in this blog are: squirrels; apocryphal back cover quotes and recommendations; failed and clumsy attempts at titles for the collection; mad story ideas that will never work but seem in strange light like they might. And the (lack of) limits of movie-making, given that spesh effs are so creepily realistic. Oh, and what will the world become now that some insane professor has invented synthetic life. Following these marketing ruses I intend to be insulting and angry, sulky even. Only as a last resort will I begin begging and inviting profound pity.

Many thanks to any wanderer in the blog desert who comes across my blog and decides to peek in for the next post instead of heading towards civilisation and safe ground.

Bon Bloggatito

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